Welcome to Parksville

Below is a list of some of our upcoming events.  We hope you will be able to attend.

Upcoming Events

Vacation Bible School —“Hero Headquarters”

Children: 3-11years old:

Come and meet Maintenance Mac, Water Woman, and Pizza Man who will help you learn to be a hero for God. Children will participate in large-group music, drama, and fun where kids will be introduced to some unnamed, yet amazing heroes from the Bible. Each day Maintenance Mac will challenge Water Woman, Pizza Man and the children to join forces with God! The challenges will help kids do the unexpected, take action, step out on faith, save the day, and stand for truth! Hey, kids, Mac, Water Woman and Pizza Ma are waiting! Don’t miss this exciting, challenging, super fun VBS program! Becky Clem, VBS Director

Commencement: Friday, June 25th, 7-8:30pm. Backyard Ministries will be on hand to share fun times with families. Hotdogs, inflatable games and much, much more! Be sure to come!

If you know of someone and would like our prayers please feel free to call the church office and give us the information.